The Arts of Sound Effects Twilight PD


This Twilight PD will be a discussion and sharing of resource ideas, techniques and processes for how to work collaboratively in small groups sharing a device (iPad) working with Foley (art of sound effects), digital sound fx, voiceovers and creating simple sound scripts.

Presented by: Sofia Hobson-Performing Arts Teacher P-6: Peregian Springs State School; 2018 winner of the Helen Yeates Award for Excellence in Media Education.

This unit of work is aimed at primary with the following connections to the Australian Curriculum:

  • Exploring and improvising with ways to represent ideas using sound (ACAMAM058)
  • Developing understanding of practices using media technologies through the manipulation of images with sound to tell stories (ACAMAM059)
  • Plan, create and present media artworks for specific purposes with awareness of responsible media practice (ACAMAM060)
  • Responding to artworks using media arts key concepts (ACAMAM061)

(Also of relevance for junior secondary, and if your school engages in collaborative practice or learning across year levels.)

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