ATOM Qld is a not-for-profit teacher organisation run by Media teachers for Media teachers. We need your financial membership in order to continue to provide advocacy for media education in Queensland.

Benefits of Membership

Become a member and support the organisation that supports Media Education.

Members Receive:

  • Access to our private Member Community, where media teachers can connect, share resources and ideas, and ask questions.
  • Regular email updates of information relevant to media teachers
  • Discounts to any ATOM Qld and ATOM Qld sponsored events.
  • Useful information for your Media classroom

Membership options

Personal Membership

Individuals who sign up for a personal membership enjoy all the benefits of ATOM Queensland membership listed above.

Personal membership may only be purchased by and paid for by an individual. Payments from a school or company are not accepted for individual membership or subscriptions.

  • Personal members - any one individual member - $75

Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is for schools, universities and training organisations. This membership allows for up to four nominated staff members enjoy the full benefits of ATOM Queensland membership.

The primary representative from the institution first creates their account below, then after registration and payment, they can add accounts for the additional three members from their institution.

  • Institutional members - $200 (High Schools/Universities)
  • Institutional members - $75 (Primary Schools)

Student Membership

  • Student members - any individual who is currently a university student - $35

You can choose your membership type below to pay by credit card now.

For existing members who are unclear of their membership status, or if you have any membership related questions, feel free to contact us.

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