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In an ever-evolving and fast-moving teaching area, our website resources get out of date faster than our volunteers can update! To see the latest and greatest resources we advise getting amongst it and making use of:

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  • Our facebook group (give us a shout if you weren't added when you signed up)
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For a great list of film competitions see this link

Other great Teacher Networks are:

Queensland Art Teachers' Association (QATA)

English Teachers' Association of Queensland (ETAQ)

Ausdance Educators of Qld

Drama Queensland (DQ)



There is also a very detailed website from one of our Victorian members. Although certain aspects focus on the Victorian VCE, much of the resources on this site by Brett Lamb are invaluable for media teachers.


Did you know teachers can now apply to borrow books from the QUT library? And we have a GREAT film, television and media section!
The restriction is that you need to come and get the books (and return them) yourself. So this will mostly be of interest to Brisbane teachers.
Details here:


Filmmaking lessons:
Metro Magazine:
Screen Education:
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The Education Shop:
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